Hung long sea food import export one member company limited

Golden Seafood VN Company Limited is in Kien Giang province.

First of all, we are happy for your visit to our website. We are exporter, supplier, processor for diversity seafood in Viet Nam from 2016. We can supply these below product mix in container for you.
1/ River fresh (farming) fish such as Pangasius, Snake head fish, Black tilapia, Red tilapia, etc

2/ Sea catch fish such as Grey featherback meat, Tuna, grouper, Anchovy headless, etc

3/ Cephalopod such as Octopus, cuttlefish, Squid

4/ Other product Snail, baby shrimp, baby crab.

For more detail, please visit our Product page and follow our fanface.

We proccess with Haccp, ISO, FDA, BRC, IFS Standard. We have 2 IQF machine, and 4 Frozen machine with 2000 m2 area.

Our capicity can process 15-20 tons of product one day.

Our Keywords to be successful:

+ We can export to AISA, UAE, US and EU market,

+ We can mix many kinds of seafoof for you, both farming and sea catch.

+ We can do fast shipment because we have strong raw material supplier, a good team from document and processing.